How to transition from consumer-based sales to commercial-based customers

Today’s economy is fragile. With inflation, a recession looming, businesses still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more — people are worried. And we don’t blame them! Times are tough, and if you feel like your company is struggling, then you aren’t alone. If you own trade business such as roofers, plumbers, electricians, and so on, then you’ll start to see a decrease in your consumer-based sales if you haven’t already.

When the economy struggles, people are less likely to spend money for repairs or upgrades on their home unless completely necessary. So what can you do to make up for that loss in profit? Growing your business might seem impossible during times like these. However, you can transform your company to bring in more commercial-based companies to recover some of that loss. The commercial side of business can seem intimidating, but you’ll find a reliable stream of income and a way to navigate through hard financial times when you prioritize commercial customers. We’re here to show you how.

Breaking into the commercial side of business

Obtaining or increasing commercial clients can be challenging. Cash flow can be one of the biggest roadblocks. No matter your trade, you need supplies. And for commercial customers, those supplies are going to be more expensive than with your consumer customer.

For instance, roofing a school building requires more supplies and labor than a three bedroom house. But when you don’t get paid for that work an average of 30-90 days after you start, how are you supposed to afford supplies and potentially hiring more workers? Fortunately, Hub Funding Solutions is here.

Finding programs that help with large and upfront costs

When you’re ready to bring in more commercial customers, HUB Funding Solutions is ready to help. We offer different programs that can assist you in covering costs, so that you can take on larger customers without worrying about how you’re going to pay for supplies and employee salaries

The following are some of the best programs we offer:

  • Project Mobilization Funding. This program provides up to 20% of your contract total up front, so you can get the necessities to start working for commercial customers.

  • AR Finance. This program enables clients to be paid faster on invoices to cover the cost of a job.

  • Equipment Financing. This program is ideal for any businesses that might need new equipment. Instead of paying for the equipment up front, you can keep cash on hand to cover other expenses.

  • Payroll Finance. This on-demand program covers payroll costs for extra workers for those bigger jobs.

  • We also offer working capital, lines of credit, and term loans during or after project completions.

Note: These programs aren’t connected to credit worthiness. Most of these programs only require an A-C credit score and a minimum of one year in business.

Answering your financing questions

Shifting from consumer to more commercial customers can be difficult. To review programs and find out the best one for you, contact HUB Funding Solutions. We have the answers to your questions.

After a personal assessment, we can put together a custom financing toolbox and discuss your options.

The current state of the world and inflation, a recession, and so much more might be stressful, but there are ways to mitigate economic loss for your business. Switching to a more commercial-based clientele will bring in more cash and remain steady throughout ups and downs. It might seem daunting, but HUB Funding Solutions is here to help you accomplish your goals, and we’re confident we can find the right solution for you.