Our New Line of Credit Program is Perfect for Your Small Business

Whether you own a bakery, small online boutique, or any type of business, you’ve probably had to look into a loan to help your business. No matter how brilliant your business model is or how the economy is, loans are part of how businesses grow and survive. However, acquiring a loan can be complicated, stressful, and for small businesses especially —feel nearly impossible.

All businesses deserve to find a financing solution that works for them and their unique needs — even when those needs change. That’s why HUB Funding Solutions is excited to announce our new line of credit program: HUB Flex Line of Credit.

Securing Working Capital doesn’t have be complicated

As businesses evolve, so do their needs. A business that started in a garage but now with a storefront and online sales has different needs than it did when it began.

But most Working Capital solutions don’t offer the flexibility that businesses need. Instead, loan seekers are met with fees and other issues that cause them to have to refinance and spend even more valuable time trying to find a new lender or line of credit.

Traditional loans from a bank don’t allow businesses to truly grow while still receiving the lines of credit they need. Our new HUB Flex Line of Credit focuses on small businesses and their ever-changing, unique needs.

Here’s how HUB Flex is different

With so many credit offerings, selecting which one works the best can be tedious. But when you need a flexible solution for your small business, turn to HUB Funding Solutions.

Our new HUB Flex Line of Credit is a revolving solution with limits up to $300,000. So, whether you need a small or large loan, this is the solution is for you. Additionally, the line of credit has a duration of up to 52 weeks, though it can be extended an additional 52 weeks at each draw.

But perhaps the most important reason this line of credit is perfect for your growing small business is that it features increasing limits with better pricing and terms as your business grows and your finances do the same.

Additionally, we offer a consolidated payment schedule and fair pricing.

Real solutions for real small businesses

At HUB Funding Solutions, we work to help our customers get the right funding —whether it is for equipment leasing, working capital, project finance, or whatever you need to support your business.

And while the HUB Flex Line of Credit program might be new, you still get the HUB Funding Solutions outstanding customer service. We work to customize your offering and are available to talk about any issues you might have about this or any other program we offer.

When you need to take your business to the next level, HUB Funding Solutions is here for you. Contact us today!