About HUB Funding Solutions

We believe that business owners and managers deserve a one-stop resource to help them build and maintain their operation.

We provide a comprehensive third-party evaluation of your business through financial and operational data, market information, and current trends.

Our team works one-on-one with our client to create a customized action plan based on their wants, needs, and goals. If that plan includes the need for operational or asset-based funding, we utilize our single credit resource to help facilitate those transactions.

The main reason businesses are held back from growing is simply lack of capital. We offer solutions that work with your current financing situation to offer out of the box solutions that foster growth and expansion.

HUB offers single source funding. This means that you fill out one app, and have one soft credit check that won’t affect your score. No more crashing your credit just to secure funding.

Then we search out the funding you need and bring you multiple offers to choose from to meet your wants, needs, and budget.

We have a wide variety of terms to match your schedule and budget. Most terms range from 6 to 60 months!