Expand your business while minimizing your risk with equipment leasing. In order to meet your financial and business goals, you’ll eventually need new equipment. Whether you are updating or adding to your equipment inventory, access to smart financing options are essential.

Equipment leasing allows you to manage your risk by offering an affordable monthly rate. After an appointed amount of time, you have the option to renew, buy, or end the lease by returning the equipment.

Leasing allows you to keep positive cash flow by saving money on your down payment. You are only liable for the equipment under contract and cannot lose assets your business already owns.

Keep your business moving forward, and your cash flow consistent, with customized equipment leasing through HUB Funding Solutions.

While many vehicle manufacturers and dealerships have pre-packaged lease options, your business may not fall in line with their restrictive guidelines. We can work with your vendor or provide options from our nationwide network of equipment dealers, private sellers, and manufacturers.

At HUB, we provide single source, in-house credit review and pre-qualification. This means we conduct one soft credit inquiry to provide our underwriters with the information they need, saving you from multiple credit hits. We work with our network of over 150 funding sources to match you to the best funding option.

Your needs can change overnight. We work fast to help you meet those needs. Whether trading-in a single piece of equipment or adding multiple assets to your fleet, we can work with your needs, budget, and timeline.

Many of our clients find our leases have tax benefits. Traditionally, leases can provide the ability to write off 100% of the monthly payment. This – coupled with our ability to provide flexible, low down-payment terms – allows financial diversification and savings. We work with clients and their accounting professionals to customize a finance package that fits your needs.